The TravelScoot Experience

Like no other

“Our goal is to assist those with mobility challenges regain their freedom and independence. We want  to show them how this remarkable little scooter can transform their lives”.

TravelScoot Rentals was borne on a desire to help those with mobility challenges manage day to day living. To assist them in regaining their freedom and independence. We have since expanded our focus to those who love to travel.  Travel, they could not experience without the assistance of the TravelScoot. The TravelScoot has become a product they don’t know how they ever managed without. 

TravelScoot owners, know all about the wonders of the TravelScoot. They call to tell us how they are flooded with requests from people wanting to know where someone can purchase or rent the TravelScoot. Although many people do purchase the TravelScoot, there are many who want to rent  the TravelScoot for assistance around their home, take on a vacation or simply wish to try it before they purchase one.

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