Reasons to Rent

Re-mobilize your life

If you have mobility challenges, getting around can be difficult. Little things you used to take for granted require a little extra time and effort. A TravelScoot mobility scooter can help make your life easier and more enjoyable . It enables you to do things you never dreamed you’d be able to do again; Go for a walk with your loved ones, take that dream cruise or fly across the country to see your grandchildren. At home or abroad, TravelScoot can help you re-mobilize your life.

Freedom at home: It’s never too late to create new memories.

Mobility challenges can make you feel like a prisoner in your own home. Imagine going  out for some fresh air whenever you choose, scooting down the isles of your favorite store or attending family functions. The TravelScoot allows you to experience the freedom you’ve been missing. We provide short and long-term TravelScoot rentals to assist you inside or outside your home.

Freedom abroad: There’s  a reason it’s called a “TravelScoot”.

Going on a vacation is always exciting, but for someone with mobility challenges,  just the thought of travelling can be exhausting. By the time you get to your destination, the thought of having to do it all over again just to get home, can put a damper on your vacation before it even begins.

Renting a TravelScoot can help change all that. Why not start your vacation on the day you leave instead of waiting until you get to your destination? That’s why we ship directly to your home. Your vacation begins the minute your TravelScoot arrives at your door. Using the TravelScoot to get to your destination becomes half the fun. You’ll soon discover why the TravelScoot makes the perfect travelling companion.

Airline Travel: TravelScoot is now cleared for takeoff.
Thought you weren’t able to handle the rigors of air travel anymore? Think again. The TravelScoot is the only electric mobility scooter approved by the major airlines for air travel.

This allows you to ride the TravelScoot through the security checkpoint at the airport and down to your gate, while enjoying the many shops, services and restaurants today’s modern airports have to offer along the way.

When it’s time to board your flight, travelers with mobility challenges will be asked to board the airplane first. All you do is ride your TravelScoot down the ramp to the door of the airplane. There is no need to fold the Travelscoot. Leave it fully assembled and airport personnel will stow it with all the other mobility devices such as wheelchairs and baby strollers in a separate compartment for gate checked items.

After arrival at your destination, stay seated until most passengers have left. Once you leave the plane, your TravelScoot should already be waiting for you outside the door of the airplane. With the other passengers already gone, you have enough space to attach your battery and drive your TravelScoot up the passenger boarding bridge and out into the airport. How cool is that?

No matter where you’re flying, you will enjoy your trip even more with your TravelScoot!

Cruise Travel: Ahoy TravelScoot!

The TravelScoot is the #1 choice for travelers venturing out to sea. With it’s compact size and maneuverability, the TravelScoot seems like it was custom made for cruises.

Modern cruise ships can be enormous. Getting around on them can be tiring if you have mobility challenges. The TravelScoot makes small work of these giant ships. It will take you wherever you want to go. Whether your scooting to the Lido Deck for a dip in the pool or off to the Fiesta deck for an evening of fine dining and dancing, the TravelScoot will make getting anywhere on the ship a breeze.

When the dining and dancing are over and you’re ready to retire for the day, you’ll soon discover what makes the TravelScoot so popular with cruise ship travelers.

For safety reasons, cruise lines must insist, anyone traveling with a mobility scooter must keep it inside their cabin. This can be a real challenge if you have a  traditional mobility scooter as the cabins are a little cramped in the first place.

You’ll never have to worry with the TravelScoot. The patented folding mechanism on the TravelScoot allows you to fold it up like an umbrella. It can be placed in a corner of the room or inside the closet, allowing you to move freely about your cabin.

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