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Air Travel

Because of the lightweight and compact size of the TravelScoot, no special arrangements have to be made with the airline in advance of your air travel. However as policies and handling practices differ from one airline to the next, we recommend that you contact your airline in advance of your travel dates. Once you receive approval, have the agent, include this approval in writing with your ticket information. Gate agents are not always 100% informed on all policies and regulations regarding mobility devices, and this may result in redundant and time-consuming questions at check-in.

At the Airport

Check-In: There are two options available for flying with your TravelScoot

1)Checking your TravelScoot with Checked Baggage

Just like any luggage, the TravelScoot can be checked at the airport with the checked baggage.  

2)Check-in and ride your TravelScoot to your gate.

When travelling in airports with the TravelScoot, it is a good idea to reduce the number of items you have to deal with. Before you start your trip, be organized. It is advisable to pack the back rest and the folding basket in your carry-on or checked luggage. If you are also taking a carry on bag, you can lay it across the 2 trailing arms just under your legs on the TravelScoot.

At the check-in, remain seated so that an employee will understand that you have mobility challenges. It will happen either at the check-in or more likely, at the gate counter. Please make sure to have your TravelScoot “Gate Delivery Requested” tag (included in your rental) fastened and visible on the TravelScoot. The handlebars or brake cables are both good places to attach the tag.

Security Checkpoint

At the security checkpoint, you can usually bypass the waiting crowd by asking for assistance. They may ask you whether you can stand up. You could remain seated through security but be aware that you may be subjected to a body search. To avoid this embarrassing procedure, stand up if possible, and walk the few metres through the x-ray frame. They will perform a security check on the TravelScoot. After you are cleared by security, you can drive your TravelScoot directly to the gate or browse the many shops and restaurants located in the airport.

While you are waiting to board the plane, park with your TravelScoot near the airline desk so that airline personal can see you. Persons with disabilities and their equipment are asked to board before the rest of the passengers, so that airline handlers have enough time to store such items in the luggage compartment. For this reason, it is strongly advised that you arrive at the airport early. When its time to board your flight, ride your TravelScoot down the gangway to the door of the aircraft. Here you will dismount your TravelScoot, remove your battery and prepared your TravelScoot using your TravelScoot Travel Kit (included in your rental).  Airline personnel will place your TravelScoot in an area of the luggage compartment reserved for mobility aids, strollers etc.

After arrival at your destination, stay seated until most passengers have left. Once you leave the plane, your TravelScoot should already be waiting for you outside the door of the airplane. With the other passengers already gone, you have enough space to attach your battery and drive your TravelScoot up the passenger boarding bridge and out into the airport.

Airline Safety Advisories

Often the aircraft gangway has a rather long and/or steep incline with small bumps at the telescope joints. In addition, there is virtually no suitable run-up space, which could make driving your TravelScoot hazardous. If you find these conditions, store your luggage on the TravelScoot and walk it up the gangway and begin driving from there.

Large airports often use trains  to transfer passengers to multiple terminals. Usually you can easily board such a train with your TravelScoot, but be aware that the train’s frequent stops and accelerations can make you roll back and forth involuntarily. It is best to park perpendicular to the train’s direction of travel. Apply both parking brakes and hold onto a handrail or bar.

If you use walking aids like a cane or a pair of crutches, there is a designated place for them on the TravelScoot. You can place your walking aids in the cups near the footrests. Secure them with a bungee cord around the upper steering column. Keep the bungee cord fairly loose in order to not block the steering.

Air Travel and Scooter Batteries

The TravelScoot is the only mobility scooter with a Lithium Ion battery that has been approved for air travel by the major airlines. It’s lithium battery content of 24 grams is below the upper limit of Department of Transport regulations. The TravelScoot battery is marked accordingly.

For further documentation on battery compliance with air travel, please visit or read more in the TravelScoot Canada Owners Manual here..

Travelling On a Cruise Ship

Gangways on cruise ships can be steep. Make sure you lean forward when driving up any incline.

You never know how far you may be travelling on a day trip. If your battery is not fully charged, take your charger with you. You can always stop at a coffee shop and plug your battery in for an hour or so.

Shore Excursions
Exploring the many different ports and excursions a cruise ship has to offer is a wonderful way to travel the world. In some ports , cruise ships have to anchor offshore and tender the passengers to shore. Most cruise lines won’t allow mobility devices over 50lbs/22.7 kg on these tenders. With a total weight of 35 lbs/15.87 kg, the TravelScoot is ideal.

For more information about travelling by cruise ship with reduced mobility, please go to our Cruise Travel Links here.

Travelling by Train

Travelling by train can be an experience like no other. If you have restricted mobility, it is vital that you plan ahead to ensure your tip is fun, safe and accessible.

Whenever you are booking your rail travel adventures, always make sure to mention that you are travelling with your TravelScoot mobility scooter.

For more information about travelling by rail with reduced mobility, please go to our Rail Travel Links here.

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