Why TravelScoot

TravelScoot is about being smart.

When developing our assistive mobility business, we wanted to offer our customers the perfect mobility device. One that would assist those who are still fairly mobile but struggle with walking longer distances. We researched both domestic and imported mobility products. Most importantly, we talked to people about their mobility challenges and what would they like to see in a mobility device.

We found one product that stood head and shoulders above the rest. One we would be proud to stand behind and offer to our customers.

“The German engineered and hand crafted TravelScoot. Likely the finest mobility scooter in the world”.

Many of our customers rent a mobility scooter to take on vacation.  At TravelScoot, we just don’t view it as a vacation, it may be the vacation of a lifetime.. A vacation our customers have waited a very long time to take. We don’t want their vacation ruined by inferior mobility products.

This is why we only offer the TravelScoot. No other mobility scooter comes close to the, functionality, design and most of all, customer satisfaction of the TravelScoot . Ask anyone who owns a TravelScoot and they will tell you;


“There is nothing else like it. Period”.


The TravelScoot provides our customers with the most important features when considering their mobility experience.

Design: The Perfect balance between form and function.

The TravelScoot is the lightest, most compact and maneuverable mobility scooter in the world. Its total weight including the state of the art Lithium Ion battery is only 35 lbs./15.87 kg. Although the TravelScoot is feather light, it is also extremely durable. It’s capable of carrying 320 lbs./145 kg. on the seat and another 40 lbs./18.15 kg. of luggage on the frame, making it the most versatile mobility scooter for all types of travel.

The minimalistic design of the TravelScoot is unparalleled in its ruggedness and durability. There are no plastic parts to crack or break. It’s design is ingenious in its simplicity and yet, the success of the TravelScoot is built on technological superiority.

Portability: You can take it with you.

The patented TravelScoot is equipped with an ingenious folding mechanism that enables  you to fold up the scooter like an umbrella. This simple feature sets the TravelScoot apart from other mobility scooters as you are no longer burdened by the size of a vehicle required to transport your mobility scooter. Taking up a mere 2/12 cubic feet of space, it is the most compact mobility scooter in the world.  It will fit into the smallest of cars.  Imagine being able to join family and friends for outings and not having to worry whether your mobility scooter will “fit” into their vehicle.

Operation: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.
The TravelScoot is a breeze to operate. It’s sets up in minutes and it’s efficient size makes you feel like you’re riding on a magic carpet. It achieves the perfect balance between form and function, allowing friends and family to focus their attention on you and not your mobility challenges. The TravelScoot doesn’t look like a mobility aid, reducing the stigma associated with these vehicles.

Power: Become Enlightened.
The state of the art Lithium Ion battery is the source of power for the TravelScoot. It utilizes the latest in battery technology to give you maximum range for a mobility scooter. Coupled with a powerful 200 watt motor, the TravelScoot will allow you to enjoy over 12 miles/19.3 km’s. on a single charge. Its ultra fast charging system also ensures minimal downtime. There is quite simply, nothing else like it on the market today.

To learn how easy it is to rent a TravelScoot, click here.

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